Commission a Painting and Make Yourself Happier, Healthier, and More Interesting.

"Looking at a work of art can actually have the same psychological effect as the euphoric experience of romantic love."
I know, I have trouble believing that too. And I look at and make the stuff every chance I get. Art that is.
And we all know that images of loved ones blow up those happy places in our brains and heart.
Art & Loved Ones. Boom. Why not combine them both?


Part Art, Part Science

I create portraits that are scientifically designed to make you happier. Okay, artistically designed to make you happier.
Either way, the result is the same: happiness. Happiness exploding from your heart & eyeballs all over the place. And explosive happiness leads to better health. And better health makes you more interesting. Well, maybe not directly. But an amazing portrait of a loved one definitely makes life more interesting. And giving an amazing portrait as a gift makes you and a loved one happy. It's a virtuous cycle of happiness, health, and all kinds of interesting. And that's good for everybody.
It's a scientific fact. If it's not, it should be.

Memories Fade. Even Photos Fade

Commissioning a portrait for yourself or for a loved one is an incredible way to capture and preserve your memory of someone you love. It can be more memorable than the memory itself and a beautiful reminder of the people that are important. Remember or be remembered forever with the perfect piece for any home.

Unique to You and the People You Love

A commissioned portrait is a totally unique product - unique to you, just like the people you love.
It's an uniquely original way to capture a moment - more original, and in some ways more special than photography. Custom made for you or someone you love, no one else has one of these.

A Bit of Joy Every Time You Pass By

Not only is commissioned portrait is a charmingly original way to preserve a memory, it's a one-of-a-kind work of art. You will have something that matches your unique, individual taste and style. And it brings a touch of sophisticated but playful charm and originality to any home.

That's what photos are for

Isn't A Photograph Just As Good?

Photographs are great, of course. We all need and want photographs. The only problem is that everyone has them and they're rarely conversation pieces. And you also have to hire a photographer and go to a sitting. At times, they can seem posed and fake. And a photograph isn't necessarily a great gift - photos end up on a corner table and they're often updated and changed out.
Paintings are timeless. A portrait hangs on the wall forever.

Original Art with Timeless Appeal

An interesting work of original art with timeless appeal, created one brushstroke at a time with fresh and vibrant colors. Painted in a style at once uncannily realistic and charmingly impressionistic, you'll discover a new detail every time you look.

Be Creative, Play a Part in the Final Product

You get to be creative and play a part in the final product. You get to choose your favorite photos for reference. Choose from a range of sizes and make suggestions about colors.

Share with Your Family & Friends

You'll receive a digital image of your portrait to share with family and friends.
And you have the option to continue the value of your portrait and create beautiful custom prints to give as gifts.


Nope. No buts.
You will be happy.
Or your money back.

Here are five reasons to want a creative, original, memorable, heart-filling gift to yourself or for someone you love.
These commissioned portraits are awesome. The painting will last forever. The process is simple. You will love it.
Or your money back.

Lasts a Lifetime or Longer

It's true... an oil painting will most likely last longer than you will.
Painted on archival canvas, it's something to be passed through generations, an heirloom.
It won’t fade or decay, a piece to treasure your whole life.

Easy & Hassle Free

From start to finish, it's easy.
- pay and reserve a place
- send me photos

- receive updates
- receive your painting
- easy to frame or hang as is

100% Money-Back Guarantee

There's no risk. I offer a 100% money back guarantee. I know that's a bold offer, but I'm confident that if you already like what you see of my work, you'll be thrilled with the result.

Happy Clients Say...

This is such a fantastic portrait! The original photo was fun but not worth hanging on the wall. The painting brought it to life! What a great way to celebrate a memory.


This painting is beyond expectations. Even more beautiful and interesting in person. The layers, the colors, all of the details are truly unbelievable. I love it.


I loooove this so much! My daughter's essence and likeness perfectly captured in paint. Tasteful. Original. Incredible.


Totally amazing! I love seeing this on my wall everyday! Such a brilliant way to preserve a family memory.


What You Get

A beautiful painting

You'll receive one beautiful painting on archival canvas - easy to frame or hang it immediately as is.

Shipped directly to you or as a gift to a loved one

It's wrapped, boxed, and shipped to you or a loved one as a gift.

Painting updates

I'll update you on the painting and the process so you know how the work is coming along.

Share with your family & friends

You'll receive a digital copy to share with your family and friends and on social media.

Option to make Prints

You'll have the option to request prints at a later date if you decide.

Certificate of Authenticity

You'll receive a certificate of authenticity with each commissioned portrait.

About the Artist.

Why portraits? Portraits always have an interesting effect on people. I've painted my family, living and deceased, my friends and their families. The result: tears, baby. Always tears. Everybody's a big wet mess. I'm not exactly sure what it is. Is it simply seeing someone you love in a different light? Is it the unexplainable emotion that a piece of art can stir up? Is it the combination of both? Again, I don't really know. But people are moved, and they're happy. And the family and friends they share with are moved. And everyone's grateful. That reaction from something I've created with my own two hands feels pretty special. And it's something I enjoy sharing with others.

Order Your Custom Portrait

Reserve your spot. Send me a photo. Create a lifelong memory.

What if I don't like the painting?
100% money back guarantee. No joke.

See this fancy symbol? It means there's no risk. I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. I know that's a bold offer, but I'm confident that if you already like what you see of my work, you'll be thrilled with the result. If you receive the painting and don't like it for any reason, send it back and I'll refund your money. Easy cheesy. No issues. 

The downside to handmade...
Limited spaces remaining.

These paintings are handmade. The only downside to that is that I have to limit the number of commissioned portraits I create each year. Spaces fill up quickly. If you're interested, act now and click below.