Hello. I'm Nick Nichols.

These hands were made to create, this mind to wander, these feet to march to the drumbeat of creative adventure.

I’m a professional artist with a range of artsy interests that include painting, photography, and design. My goal is to touch people's hearts and evoke emotion and connection through art.

As a painter, I specialize in creating incredible, one-of-a-kind custom portraits. I aim for an expressive quality that captures the unique essence, beauty, and personality of each individual. I use oil paints on canvas or reclaimed wood. And I paint flower compositions because it’s fun and people love them.

I’m fortunate enough to spend my time creating, traveling the world with my family, and seeking new adventures and experiences that fuel my creativity.

I write about my work and share stories of the people and places that inspire it.

Incredible Portraits.

Timeless Memories.

I create fantastic, one-of-a-kind, custom portraits. Memorialize your family and loved ones in an original work of art that will last a lifetime or more. I produce a limited number of these oil paintings each year. Click here to get more information and sign up below to get notified about a place on this year's list.

Happy Clients Say...


"OMG!! Thank you so much! This is priceless! It's perfect and looks just like him. Your paintings are unique and have your imprint on them. I would recognize them anywhere. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


"Just got the painting. My heart is full. It’s beautiful. I can’t even express what this means. So thankful. It’s perfect. Means the world to me. This is timeless for this family. It will always be a treasure!"

More Happy Clients Say...


"Totally amazing! I love seeing this on my wall everyday! Such a brilliant way to preserve a family memory."


"I loooove this so much! My daughter's essence and likeness perfectly captured in paint. Tasteful. Original. Incredible."


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