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twilight in ciudad bolivar | colombia

I’m traveling for the next few weeks. I’m on some little island about 90 miles off the Florida coast, supposedly spending my time taking lots of photos, but more likely I’m sitting around drinking mojitos with my camera resting at my feet comfortably nestled in it’s bag. I’m staying busy convincing myself that, after ‘just one more’, I’m going to get to work.

Speaking of things that don’t work, this is one of those photos that I feel shouldn’t work. Then, I look at it, stare at it, and mull it over and something about it grows on me. I know there’s not much to it, but there’s something about the blue sky of twilight reflected in the lake below that plays well with the orange cinderblock houses of Ciudad Bolivar creeping up the green mountainsides on the outskirts of Bogotá.

I guess it’s more the composition of shapes and colors playing off each other that work for me. Some months ago, in this post, I asked readers whether they preferred black & white photos or color. Reader, Ashley, commented that she preferred color photos over black & white. And this is one of those times that I would have to agree. I think this is an example of a photo that works because of color. If it weren’t for the colors in the photo, I’m not sure I would have given this one a second glance.

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