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oil painting, oil on panel, nick nichols, original art, original fine art, underpainting

Remember that underpainting from last week? Here’s the finished piece, dressed up and ready to go out into the world. If you look closely at the detail below, you can see bits of the underpainting peeking through. Maybe another time, I’ll post about all those layers that make up the in-between. This is part of The Hunert Faces Project. In this post, I’m going to blab a little more about the project to the art-dorks out there. If, other than seeing the paintings, you aren’t interested in participating in the project, now is your chance to bail. There are no life lessons, no witticisms. This is where the instructor offers the class a chance to skip out and leave early, nine-tenths of the class leave, and only the nerds stick around. See you next time.

oil painting, oil on panel, nick nichols, original art, original fine art, underpainting
three sides of megumi (detail) | oil on panel

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

So, real quick, about this project. Thanks to those who have sent pictures. The project really does get more interesting with others’ contributions. For those who have sent something but want to send more, or for those who are still thinking about contributing but haven’t made the time for it, I have a few suggestions.

  • Some people have mentioned that they are looking or planning to look through old photos for something to send. This is fine if you have something that coincidentally fits the guidelines (I promise that these make a painting better). However, I’ve found that taking an original photo is easier and less time consuming than searching for an old one. All you need is an idea, a digital camera, and fifteen minutes next to a window. Rather than digging out that picture of yourself at that New Year’s party ten years ago, where you were wearing that really cute dress, and had that really adorable haircut, a current picture of you without make-up and your hair in curlers will honestly work better and will probably be quicker and easier. And the curler pic will most likely make for a more interesting painting, especially if you’re a dude. Plus, you’re less likely to have that cheesy, toothy smile that works great in a New Year’s photo, but not so well in a painting.
  • Speaking of interesting, if you want to play along but you’re stuck on the creative part, contact me. I’m sure we can dream up something.
  • And speaking, again, of interesting, the holidays are coming up. It’s the perfect chance to play art director, ply the relatives with booze and bring them into your photo shoot as models. I know from experience that this works and keeps everyone occupied and entertained for a bit. And I bet your drunken grandfather has “interesting painting material” written all over him (don’t take that too literally).
  • Upload your photos here. It’s easy, and makes everything behind the scenes run more smoothly.

I mentioned before that this project will get bigger. I’m thinking of adding another element to this and asking people to contribute any thoughts or writing to the project. The only catch is that it has to relate to the paintings. I’ll expand on this later, but if I’ve piqued your interest, drop me a line.

That’s it. For the two nerds who stuck around, thanks. It’s the nerds, after all, that make the world go ’round.

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