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If you’ve been following along you know that we’ve been talking about this big, really cool art project (here and here), and going over some how-to’s if you want to participate (here and here). Last time we even had an example of adding a little creativity, or spice, to the project. Today, for Show & Tell, Little Nicky’s going to show us more of his art project and try to clarify, again, what the hell he’s talking about.

This time around, let me try to explain myself in that time-honored parental way of communicating: Making a point by asking a question. For example, “Do you want me to give you something to cry about?” Point made, and taken. Allow me to do the same.

It’s a real barn-burner. There’s a lot to discuss at halftime.
Today I brought a picture of a pretty lady. It’s called Chasing The Dragon. What does that mean, “chasing the dragon”? What’s “the dragon”? My dragon, your dragon? Literal dragon, figurative dragon? Bruce Lee or a 1960’s magically-psychedelic puff-puff-give dragon? Does the title even matter? Looking at the picture, maybe there’s something you’re picking up – the obvious stuff – the cigarette, the molotov cocktail, maybe the writing on the bottle of whatever. What language is that anyways? And what does it say? Okay, forget that. Who’s the pretty lady? Is she wearing an evening gown or a camisole? What is a camisole anyhow? Does it matter that it’s red? What’s up with the pearls? Is that look one of indecision, a flash of memory, or feigned innocence? Does any of this mean anything or is this the bullshiznit that someone else dreams up to get the eye-rolling started? Welcome to the art world, my friend. Take my hand and walk with me, but bring your Wellies ‘cuz it gets deep.

Great vision, great lateral mobility. You can’t teach that – it’s poetry in motion.
These are the questions I play with when I’m putting one of these pictures together. Sometimes the answers matter, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes there’s another world behind it and sometimes it’s a smoke screen. And sometimes the more interesting question to me is where does it come from? Which comes first – the idea, the image, the title? Well, it depends. Sometimes I see an image and the idea develops around that; other times the concept is there and I have to develop the image to explain the concept. And sometimes words blow into my mind and stick in my head, and these wordy whirlwinds spin round and round like a Texas twister until images pirouette from the words like change flying out your pockets on a merry-go-round, coalescing into a jelly-mold of a picture that I then put into action. Mostly by getting off my ass, finding the right model, some props, and making it happen.*

*Putting it into action. Making it happen. I love me some clichés. I feel that I could’ve been a speech writer for professional athletes. I would keep things simple, y’know, get back to the basics, stick with the ABC’s or something else elementary, really zero in on the game-plan, y’know keep my head in the game, just stay focused, everyday go out there and do my best, give it all I got, y’know 110% or 120% even though that’s not mathematically possible, and try to take my game to the next level. ‘Cuz, we all know that when it really comes down to it, it’s defense that writes speeches. Man, that would be so cool, to spend my time saying so much without saying anything. I mean, the only other place one can make a legitimate career of that is politics.

Things that don’t show up in the stat column
So what’s the dragon this girl is chasing? Or is she the dragon being chased? I’ll let you figure that out. I just wanted to let you know where I found her. Ultimately, where she’s going is up to you.

It’s all over but the shouting
There’s no “I” in BLOG. There’s no “me” in BIG, BAD-ASS COLLABORATIVE PROJECT. I feed off the energy from the fans, so, answer the call, step up to the plate and sound off:
What are your thoughts on the lady in red?

4 Responses to The Story of the Game: Creativity – You Can’t Stop It, You Can Only Hope to Contain It

  1. Definitely going with the lady in red as the dragon. She’s got her fierceness; her fire. Her eyes hold a story that might haunt you and she’s ready to do some serious damage either to herself or someone else.

  2. I see her and I think of the quote “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” There is an eerie calmness displayed by the casually unlit cigarette hanging from her lips that stands in contrast to the “cocktail” in her hand–someone’s about to get f*#ed up.

  3. I think she represents internal conflict. I see the pearls as representing innocence, purity and naivety. And the cigarette and molotov cocktail representing her self destructive side.

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