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fairy dragon | vietnam
A Dragon-Fairy Tale

Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. РRainer Maria Rilke

I crossed the border into Vietnam by bus from China. It was one of those buses that stop in every small town, stop when the driver needs a restroom, a bite to eat or spots a friend to talk to, invariably turning what should be a three-hour ride into an all-day affair. I was reading a story about the origin of the Vietnamese people, that they were descended from the love of a dragon and a fairy. But I’m interrupted by (more…)

cyclo | vietnam
Big Bang Theories

I took this photo in Vietnam – one of those places in the world that explode in color – color so bright and vivid and saturated, that it doesn’t seem real. I have all these theories about color and its relation to different cultures. I believe that there are unwritten cultural rules regarding the uses of color and that the way we use color tells us a bit about ourselves. For example, in east and south Asia (more…)

truong son cemetery in the dmz | vietnam
Beyond the Axis of Evil and a Damn Fine Mojito

I’m currently traveling for the next couple of weeks. I prefer to write about where I’ve been rather than where I am, but I’m kind of excited about this one. I’m in Cuba. It’s part of my Axis of Evil¬†tour. The tour is included on my Travel Bucket List, which is comprised of a number of far flung destinations, compiled by a handful of world leaders and simplified into titles, such as Axis of Evil, that I can easily remember. This probably sounds totally ridiculous, having a Travel Bucket List I mean, but studies show that those with the purpose of something to accomplish in their lives tend to live longer. (more…)

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