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pink flowers, glass vase | oil on panel
Pink Flowers, Glass Vase

Special occasions. Weddings, funerals. Lover days and mamma days. A wrist corsage the size of your date’s forearm for a high school dance. A cheesy apology. In East Asia, I used to buy bunches of small white flowers to breathe some life into my drab government-owned apartment. I’d get funny looks from the cashiers. I figured it was the whole “oh look at the sensitive foreign man buying flowers (more…)

sunflowers (unfinished) | oil on panel
Dictums, Assumptions, and Other Dirty Words

Honor among thieves
Ever heard of the Pareto Principle? The kids these days probably call it the Principle of Factor Sparsity, but maybe the circle you run with calls it the Law of the Vital Few. Or maybe the 80-20 Rule? Well, I was going to tell you all about it, until I started nosing through the inter-nest and learned that it’s been done. A lot. I will tell you that 80% of the posts I read about the 80-20 Rule mostly resort to snagging their info and stats straight from Wikipedia; at least 20% of them filched the info word for freaking word. I believe in rhymin’ and stealin’ as much as the next guy, but for Puck’s sake, even 80% of junior high students know better than to plagiarize word for word and then post it on the internet with their names attached. Actually, I’m only 20% sure that’s a true statement. (more…)

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