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26 weeks (in progress) | oil on panel | nick nichols | painting
Paternity Suit

Family Ties
My lady’s taking paid maternity leave for the next three and a half months. When I learned this, my first thoughts, understandably, were: What about the Gross Domestic Product?! What about worker productivity?! The U.S., along with Swaziland, has no national law mandating paid maternity leave, so, to me, three and a half months seems excessive. My lady pointed out that we live in Colombia, (more…)

me with you (kissy drawing #68) | charcoal on paper
This Ain’t a Love Song

Love in This Club (2008)
Lately, drawings like the one above have been dancing all over my brain. I’ve been waking up with fingers full of whimsy, freedom-kissing my pillow with this commercially manufactured lovey-dovey feeling rumbling in my gut like an amebic invasion. Coincidentally, my inbox has been positively blooming with floral propaganda. Valentine’s Sale! A Dozen Roses starting at $40! (shipping not included). Here in Bogotá, a dozen roses will cost me about $5. Now, I know that true love is measured by the amount of money spent, but that means here I have to buy about eight-dozen roses just to begin to prove that my love is true. Of course, to flaunt how much love fills this heart, I’m gonna have to think different – roses are passe and Shorty wants an iPhone 5. (more…)

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The Nekkid Truth

I like life drawing classes, but there are times when I find them a little stressful. Because when that model disrobes and I catch a glimpse of nekkidness, Blam! comes the figurative two-by-four to the visual cortex. My temporal lobe perks up and my anterior insula starts gyrating while my amygdala begins humming Marvin Gaye. I’m like a deer in headlights, not sure what to do, and then the conflicts start a brewin’ (more…)

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