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26 weeks (in progress) | oil on panel | nick nichols | painting
Paternity Suit

Family Ties
My lady’s taking paid maternity leave for the next three and a half months. When I learned this, my first thoughts, understandably, were: What about the Gross Domestic Product?! What about worker productivity?! The U.S., along with Swaziland, has no national law mandating paid maternity leave, so, to me, three and a half months seems excessive. My lady pointed out that we live in Colombia, (more…)

bed heads | oil on panel
Bed Heads

For all of those tying knots this week,
Entwining limbs or promises,
Bed heads are the best heads, (more…)

the mad bomber (underpainting) | oil on panel
Choose Your Own Adventure

Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try! – Dr. Suess

It’s Hunert Faces time. And here’s an underpainting for another portrait in the project. If you’re even kind-of-sort-of interested in participating in the project, stick around for a moment. If you’re positive it’s not your thing, see you next time.

In doing this project, aside from photo submissions, I’ve received a number of messages or comments from people who want to play the game, but need a direction. I get it. Sometimes too much freedom can be stifling. Sometimes creativity needs limits in order to blossom. Sometimes we need to be pointed in a direction so that we can cut loose and run. (more…)

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The Nekkid Truth

I like life drawing classes, but there are times when I find them a little stressful. Because when that model disrobes and I catch a glimpse of nekkidness, Blam! comes the figurative two-by-four to the visual cortex. My temporal lobe perks up and my anterior insula starts gyrating while my amygdala begins humming Marvin Gaye. I’m like a deer in headlights, not sure what to do, and then the conflicts start a brewin’ (more…)

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