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havana streets | cuba
Three Little Words

Beautiful. Cheap. Fascinating. In my younger days, say pre-thirty-three or so, I’d use those three words to describe myself to some lucky lady at the bar before asking her to buy me a drink. Honestly, fellas, in my world it didn’t work as well as you think it would. In fact, it was easier getting in and out of Cuba as an American than it was making that line work. (more…)

all for the revolution | cuba
Finding the Time in Cuba

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been on my Axis of Evil tour, trying to set down the bottle of rum and cigars long enough to pick up a camera and do a little work. One of life’s cruel rules is that you actually have to take photos in order to take good photos. Truth be told, I was only marginally successful at doing either.

This photo was taken in Havana where time seems to be slowly creeping through the mid-20th century. (more…)

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