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bed heads | oil on panel
Bed Heads

For all of those tying knots this week,
Entwining limbs or promises,
Bed heads are the best heads, (more…)

rachel & the artist | video stills
The A’s & B’s of Seeing

“We want happy paintings. If you want sad things, watch the news.” – Bob Ross

“People might look at you a bit funny, but it’s okay. Artists are allowed to be a bit different.”
Anybody ever have this happen to them? Every morning, you wake up and stumble to the full-length mirror, look at your reflection and wink, remarking to no one in particular, “Hot damn, you are one big ol’ mess of good-lookin’.” (more…)

rachel & the idols | oil on panel
A Modern Day Story of Nuthin’

“Sometimes nuthin’ can be a real cool hand.” – Cool Hand Luke

Here’s another portrait for The Hunert Faces Project, sent to me by reader, Rachel. I liked this one because of its simplicity: a pretty girl and a glance backward. I bet a boy could create a hunert paintings and a hunert stories from (more…)

the city paper bogotá (image) - nick nichols & the hunert faces project
An Afternoon in Bogotá with The City Paper

Here’s an article that appears in the current edition of Bogotá’s The City Paper. I sat down with Kiwi journalist Amy Ridout (who’s worked for publications on four different continents and has her own fascinating story), and I blabbed about life, art and my Hunert Faces Project. Luckily for me, her article focused on the latter, making me sound like less of an idiot in print than I come across as in person. In case you’re having trouble finding a copy, I figured I’d provide one. (more…)

the artist, jjh | oil on panel
Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Just Rhymin’ and Stealin’

Always on My Mind
I always loved that quote, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” It’s one of those quotes I found myself integrating into my own life at every turn. When Momz said I could have a sip of her wine, I’d take two. I was an artist after all. If I needed to put my dogs into a duffle bag and smuggle them into a hotel to avoid an unreasonable pet fee, it was cool. That was an artistic thing to do. And if, during my college days, I fancied decorating my house with the same type of pint glasses found at the bar across the street, but for less than retail price, well, artists did things like that. (more…)

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