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26 weeks (in progress) | oil on panel | nick nichols | painting
Paternity Suit

Family Ties
My lady’s taking paid maternity leave for the next three and a half months. When I learned this, my first thoughts, understandably, were: What about the Gross Domestic Product?! What about worker productivity?! The U.S., along with Swaziland, has no national law mandating paid maternity leave, so, to me, three and a half months seems excessive. My lady pointed out that we live in Colombia, (more…)

pink flowers, glass vase | oil on panel
Pink Flowers, Glass Vase

Special occasions. Weddings, funerals. Lover days and mamma days. A wrist corsage the size of your date’s forearm for a high school dance. A cheesy apology. In East Asia, I used to buy bunches of small white flowers to breathe some life into my drab government-owned apartment. I’d get funny looks from the cashiers. I figured it was the whole “oh look at the sensitive foreign man buying flowers (more…)

fairy dragon | vietnam
A Dragon-Fairy Tale

Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. – Rainer Maria Rilke

I crossed the border into Vietnam by bus from China. It was one of those buses that stop in every small town, stop when the driver needs a restroom, a bite to eat or spots a friend to talk to, invariably turning what should be a three-hour ride into an all-day affair. I was reading a story about the origin of the Vietnamese people, that they were descended from the love of a dragon and a fairy. But I’m interrupted by (more…)

snow blind | video stills
My Roots Are Showing

I’m on vacation this week. I need some time to recover from the last vacay and I need to mentally prepare for the next one. I know what you’re thinking, “You un-American, s.o.b., who the hell do you think you are, taking off more than three days of work without stressing over it? Where’s the pride? The patriotism?”  (more…)

bed heads | oil on panel
Bed Heads

For all of those tying knots this week,
Entwining limbs or promises,
Bed heads are the best heads, (more…)

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