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26 weeks (in progress) | oil on panel | nick nichols | painting
Paternity Suit

Family Ties
My lady’s taking paid maternity leave for the next three and a half months. When I learned this, my first thoughts, understandably, were: What about the Gross Domestic Product?! What about worker productivity?! The U.S., along with Swaziland, has no national law mandating paid maternity leave, so, to me, three and a half months seems excessive. My lady pointed out that we live in Colombia, (more…)

quack's!! part dos | nick nichols
Quack’s!! part dos

It’s the beginning of summertime here in Bogotá, which means the high today will top-out at about 64˚F. I like to point this out to my peeps back in Texas where the temperature’s been hitting a miserable 105˚F. As was apparent while talking to my agent, Ree Reynolds, the other day, it’s that kind of heat that can make a person downright ornery.

“I hear it’s a bit warm there,” I started.
“Hotter’n a honeymoon hotel in Juarez. I done got (more…)

girls on fire | oil on panel
Great Big Balls of Fire and Courage

On Second Thought
I saw these girls in India, preparing to perform a ritual dance with urns of fire balanced on their heads and my first thought was, “That’s a painting waiting to happen!” Actually, that was my second thought. My first was, “These girls are on fire, boy! I bet I can light up this room, too! Just give me a pole to dance on and break out the dolla-dolla bills, y’all!” But I’m a seventeen year-old boy trapped in a body twice his age. Wisdom gained through years of painful experience has taught me to refrain from expressing my initial thoughts aloud. (more…)

the city paper bogotá (image) - nick nichols & the hunert faces project
An Afternoon in Bogotá with The City Paper

Here’s an article that appears in the current edition of Bogotá’s The City Paper. I sat down with Kiwi journalist Amy Ridout (who’s worked for publications on four different continents and has her own fascinating story), and I blabbed about life, art and my Hunert Faces Project. Luckily for me, her article focused on the latter, making me sound like less of an idiot in print than I come across as in person. In case you’re having trouble finding a copy, I figured I’d provide one. (more…)

twilight in ciudad bolivar | colombia
Twilight in Ciudad Bolivar

I’m traveling for the next few weeks. I’m on some little island about 90 miles off the Florida coast, supposedly spending my time taking lots of photos, but more likely I’m sitting around drinking mojitos with my camera resting at my feet comfortably nestled in it’s bag. I’m staying busy convincing myself that, after ‘just one more’, I’m going to get to work. (more…)

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