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havana streets | cuba
Three Little Words

Beautiful. Cheap. Fascinating. In my younger days, say pre-thirty-three or so, I’d use those three words to describe myself to some lucky lady at the bar before asking her to buy me a drink. Honestly, fellas, in my world it didn’t work as well as you think it would. In fact, it was easier getting in and out of Cuba as an American than it was making that line work. (more…)

cyclo | vietnam
Big Bang Theories

I took this photo in Vietnam – one of those places in the world that explode in color – color so bright and vivid and saturated, that it doesn’t seem real. I have all these theories about color and its relation to different cultures. I believe that there are unwritten cultural rules regarding the uses of color and that the way we use color tells us a bit about ourselves. For example, in east and south Asia (more…)

me with you (kissy drawing #68) | charcoal on paper
This Ain’t a Love Song

Love in This Club (2008)
Lately, drawings like the one above have been dancing all over my brain. I’ve been waking up with fingers full of whimsy, freedom-kissing my pillow with this commercially manufactured lovey-dovey feeling rumbling in my gut like an amebic invasion. Coincidentally, my inbox has been positively blooming with floral propaganda. Valentine’s Sale! A Dozen Roses starting at $40! (shipping not included). Here in Bogotá, a dozen roses will cost me about $5. Now, I know that true love is measured by the amount of money spent, but that means here I have to buy about eight-dozen roses just to begin to prove that my love is true. Of course, to flaunt how much love fills this heart, I’m gonna have to think different – roses are passe and Shorty wants an iPhone 5. (more…)

Politics, Photos, and Being Too Legit to… Quit. Seriously, Just Quit

Ah, I love me some American politics, especially during campaign season. It’s like reality tv – so little value, so much drama and entertainment. Thankfully, my news channel feels the same way and won’t bother much with boring ol’ “real” news for at least another month. Drawing inspiration from American politicians, I’d like to speak my mind about an understandably sensitive topic. And taking a page from the Politician Playbook, I’m going to attempt to make what could be a valid point, but I’ll try to surround it with enough disrespect and lack of compassion that people stop listening. If this happens, if by chance I come across as intolerant, lacking empathy, or simply like a total arse, (more…)

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