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quack's!! part dos | nick nichols
Quack’s!! part dos

It’s the beginning of summertime here in Bogotá, which means the high today will top-out at about 64˚F. I like to point this out to my peeps back in Texas where the temperature’s been hitting a miserable 105˚F. As was apparent while talking to my agent, Ree Reynolds, the other day, it’s that kind of heat that can make a person downright ornery.

“I hear it’s a bit warm there,” I started.
“Hotter’n a honeymoon hotel in Juarez. I done got (more…)

flightpath | exhibition | austin, texas
The Flightpath

I’m currently in my home state of Texas, preparing for a small exhibition in Austin, slidin’ back quick ‘n easy like into that familiarity I call home. My carefully crafted, neutral American accent has fallen apart as I’ve slipped back into some bastardized hybrid of English and Twang (more…)

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