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havana streets | cuba
Three Little Words

Beautiful. Cheap. Fascinating. In my younger days, say pre-thirty-three or so, I’d use those three words to describe myself to some lucky lady at the bar before asking her to buy me a drink. Honestly, fellas, in my world it didn’t work as well as you think it would. In fact, it was easier getting in and out of Cuba as an American than it was making that line work. (more…)

snow blind | video stills
My Roots Are Showing

I’m on vacation this week. I need some time to recover from the last vacay and I need to mentally prepare for the next one. I know what you’re thinking, “You un-American, s.o.b., who the hell do you think you are, taking off more than three days of work without stressing over it? Where’s the pride? The patriotism?”  (more…)

snow blind | oil on panel
Snow Blind

Here’s a face I can’t get enough of. I think this hombre is my new, favorite man-model. Maybe it’s the ‘stache, maybe it’s the beard. Or maybe, it’s that he keeps sending me great material to work with. Either way, this painting of Jeremy at JJH Studios is another one of those Hunert Faces that I’m always going on about and it’s hanging at The Flightpath in Austin, (more…)

bed heads | oil on panel
Bed Heads

For all of those tying knots this week,
Entwining limbs or promises,
Bed heads are the best heads, (more…)

flightpath | exhibition | austin, texas
The Flightpath

I’m currently in my home state of Texas, preparing for a small exhibition in Austin, slidin’ back quick ‘n easy like into that familiarity I call home. My carefully crafted, neutral American accent has fallen apart as I’ve slipped back into some bastardized hybrid of English and Twang (more…)

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