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quack's!! part dos | nick nichols

It’s the beginning of summertime here in Bogotá, which means the high today will top-out at about 64˚F. I like to point this out to my peeps back in Texas where the temperature’s been hitting a miserable 105˚F. As was apparent while talking to my agent, Ree Reynolds, the other day, it’s that kind of heat that can make a person downright ornery.

“I hear it’s a bit warm there,” I started.
“Hotter’n a honeymoon hotel in Juarez. I done got you another showin’.”
“We goin’ international with this one?”
“Boy, unless you’re talkin’ ’bout Delhi, Lousi-ana, you’re puttin’ on more airs than the Episcopalians. It’ll be right here in Austin.”
“We just done did a show in Austin. This some kinda repeat?”
“Other than listenin’ to you blow hot air like perfume through a prom, ain’t nothin’ I do a repeat. You best be sendin’ me some new photos and paintin’s, and I need ’em before yesterday.”
“Damn, girl, you make a pressure cooker look calm.”
“And I’m fixin’ to make a hornet look cuddly.”
“A’right then. I’ll send you some new stuff to play around with.”
“Lucky me. I haven’t had so much fun since the hogs ate Sister.”

If you’re runnin’ around central Austin anytime between now and September, looking for a place to cool down, I’ve got some photos and paintings hanging up at Quack’s. As always, thanks to Ree and Lowell Reynolds for breaking a sweat to make it happen.

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