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snow blind | video stills

I’m on vacation this week. I need some time to recover from the last vacay and I need to mentally prepare for the next one. I know what you’re thinking, “You un-American, s.o.b., who the hell do you think you are, taking off more than three days of work without stressing over it? Where’s the pride? The patriotism?” I know! I know! It’s not my fault! It’s these damn Colombians, man! Every saint is an excuse for a national holiday and every evening is a reason to throw a party. Damnit, Colombia, how’s a boy supposed to get any work done around here? And it’s freakin’ killing me. I got deadlines.

This isn’t how I was raised. I know where I came from and, I’m telling you, man, when I get back from vacay, sh*t is gonna change. I’m going back to my American roots. I’m locking the studio door and chaining myself to the computer. I’m going on a fast food binge and the only time or physical energy wasted will be getting up to use the rest room. And I bet I can find a chair at Brookstone to make that more efficient. I am going to work. I am going to stress myself out, boy. I may even ditch my health insurance and run up some credit card debt to compound it a bit. I will be the man I once was. I will lean back in an ergonomically correct manner and, in a terrible Scottish brogue, let out a made-for-hollywood man-cry, “You will not change me, Colombia! Freeeedomm!” My voice will sail on the winds of revolution and resonate against the computer screen.

Speaking of roots, the dude in this painting used to look like a monkey. Well, we all used to look like monkeys, but you know what I mean. I mean that before he was this finely-painted piece of man-meat his face was monkey-like. If you watch the video, you’ll notice a minor creative meltdown. I practically had to start over. I’m not sure why, but sometimes things just fall apart. We lose track of where we were going, we focus too much on one element to the detriment of the others, and we lose sight of how we imagined the entire picture to be. Then, the question becomes, how far are we willing to go and how much are we willing to change, to create the portrait we want to see?

snow blind | slide video

One Response to My Roots Are Showing

  1. Does this mean you started over completely, or you have confiscated the painting from the coffee shop and are re-doing it? Haha!! Dude looks like a monkey! Hey, wait, that’s my son! :)

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