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Hey, you that dream differently,

Remember that dream you had where you found yourself in a bullring in the middle of a tiny town in southern Mexico, watching some dude dressed in a slightly too short devil costume and black Reeboks with white socks that winked at you when he sprinted across the dusty ring fleeing a charging bull. And remember that moment after he finished shotgunning beers at the ringside, mixing self-delusion and courage until they looked the same, when he took his stance in the center of the ring. And as he stared blindly into the lights before him, uncertain of what lay ahead in the darkness beyond, he took a deep breath and said in Spanish, though it came to you in English, “I chose this path. And though I fear what I cannot see, I’ve seen where the other path leads and it’s a fate I fear more.” And then, you knew that out there, in the world that ate dreams, was another Fool. In that moment, you knew you weren’t alone.

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