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mira a las perras (el imperativo)

Get Ready to Rumble

Fair warning: I’m gonna be comin’ at ya soon – dancing out of the corner weekly-like with a fistful of Nichols, dropping a one-two combo of lyrical mayhem, compounding words and sentences like interest, laying ya out with an uppercut of grammatical derivatives. My run-ons are gonna run-off your brain like sweat runnin’ down your booty in an over-leveraged position you never meant to get into. Kaching! with some knowledge, Kaching! with some aesthetic-al madness, Kaching! with some words and paintings and photos that’ll make ya so dizzy you won’t know whether to buy or hold, go long or short, put or call for some kind of quantitative easing to the visual instability. But there’s no bailout next round; do your mental calisthenics and get ready ‘cuz these creative fists o’ fury are gonna make it rain artistic-ness as they rain down a portfolio of wordy blows, bringin’ the verbiage like credit default swaps bringin’ down an economy. So, tell your friends; share this with all 627 of ’em like you’d bundle up and share a mortgage, and next week, lend me that ear like it’s a subprime loan – or I may just bite it off.

Until then, check out my new website. Designed to jumpstart and stimulate your lagging consciousness of an artist at work, it’ll make your eyes pop like a multi-trillion dollar package of smelling salts.

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