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the city paper bogotá (image) - nick nichols & the hunert faces project

Here’s an article that appears in the current edition of Bogotá’s The City Paper. I sat down with Kiwi journalist Amy Ridout (who’s worked for publications on four different continents and has her own fascinating story), and I blabbed about life, art and my Hunert Faces Project. Luckily for me, her article focused on the latter, making me sound like less of an idiot in print than I come across as in person. In case you’re having trouble finding a copy, I figured I’d provide one. Many thanks to Amy and The City Paper for showing an interest and taking the time to chat.

[If you have trouble reading the copy below, here’s a higher resolution version: An Afternoon in Bogotá with The City Paper]

An Afternoon in Bogotá with The City Paper

If you’re interested in participating in or learning more about the project, here’s the link: The Hunert Faces Project.

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