Hailing from Texas, Nick Nichols, has dabbled in a little of this and a little of that. He has decided that for the time being, he enjoys being an artist the best. He spent time in the military, considered himself learned and bona fide after completing a few degrees, and worked in advertising and design among other career explorations.

Finding himself in search of ___, Nick moved to Japan to teach in the public high schools. He lived and traveled in Asia for four years, where he fell under the spell of the adventure of the unfamiliar. He enjoys wandering, getting lost, finding himself and something interesting along the way, and repeating the game over and over. It's the interminable three-year-old and treasure hunter in him. His photography reflects these discovered moments and his paintings are built upon found, reclaimed wood and other objects around him. He likes the idea of sharing the unobserved, giving forgotten, discarded things new life, and creating something that makes people pause and perhaps wonder. He has spent the past four years in South America.